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Zavora is recognized to be one of the best fishing and diving areas in Mozambique and is frequented by many avid fishermen and divers. Launching is done from the bay that is protected by a reef. This reef also creates a natural tidal pool that is excellent for snorkelling and swimming.

The location of the bar, restaurant and deck offers a magnificent view of the Zavora reef and it’s bay. Plenty of Humpback whales are sighted from the deck of the bar during June to November. Occasionally Eagle and Manta Rays burst from the surface in brief flights as well as the streamlined and graceful Sailfish. Dolphins are regularly seen feeding and playing in the bay.

With all the above and personalized hospitality, your stay at Zavora Lodge will be a memorable one.

Zavora Lodge has won a 2019

‘Best Value Establishment Award’

Beauty and Tranquility

The spectacular beauty, peace and tranquility of our pristine beaches are enough to make you want to come back … again and again and again.  Miles and miles of sandy beaches just about to yourself, invites you to take a walk or even a jog.  Watch the awesome sun rises over the sea horizon or just relax in the shade and enjoy the breathtaking view. 




Good Food and Company

At Zavora its more than a holiday. Its about having an awesome time, good company and even better food.

Come and enjoy a scrumptious chicken and chips or seafood platter while watching the whales playing in the Zavora bay from our pub deck. Or have an intimate meal for two in our restaurant. Both serviced by our fully licensed bar.

Fishing Excursions

The seas around Zavora lodge are renowned for the outstanding fishing that is enjoyed by many all year round.  The fish that frequent our shores are the king mackerel, queen mackerel, giant king fish, dorado, wahoo, yellow fin tuna, bonito, amberjack, sail fish, striped marlin and blue- and black marlin – to name but a few! The rock and surf fishing in and around Zavora is exceptional as the area is blessed with wonderful ledges and sandy beaches.

Underwater Wonderland

We are fortunate to have 12-20m deep Manta clearing stations approx five kilometers distance from the launching area. We have amazing encounters with both species of mantas – manta birostris and manta alfredo there.


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However, macro enthusiasts should have their cameras ready too for taking photos of up to 200 species of nudibranchs, crabs, moray eels, Crayfish, frog fish, octopuses, mantis shrimps, scorpion fish, moray eels, crayfish and many turtles. to name some.  The deep reef system, that is around 9-11 kilometers off shore, consists of a large plateau ranging from 27 – 34 meters with sandy bottom and multiple unspoiled soft coral gardens and deep cleaning stations. Abundance of pelagic fish, large schools of yellow fin tuna, trevallies, barracudas, all kind or rays and sharks, and huge brindle bases are common to see here. And of course, lots of nudibranchs and Spanish dancers.

Dive the Wild Side

Whether you are experiencing the underwater world for the first time or you are an experienced diver, our professional NAUI team of Instructors, dive masters and staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable ensuring your diving at Zavora is safe, relaxing, rewarding and fun. 
As a NAUI resort, we offer all NAUI dive courses from beginner to dive master and Instructor. 


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Zavora has two wrecks – one lying in 53m for technical divers (the Klipfontein) and another, (Rio Sainas) in 32m for recreational divers. At Zavora Divers we offer both technical and recreational diving.  We are lucky to regularly dive with loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles. Time to time we see a huge endangered leatherback turtle. Divers should keep an eye on sharks that are common in our waters. White tip reef shark, Zambezi shark, Hammerheads, Bow mouth guitar shark and Whale shark may be seen here.
In addition to diving, we run Ocean Safari’s. Our boats often encounter whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, dolphins, and from June to November we have the incredible Humpback whale Migration.

Whale Watching

We have whale season from June to October. This is when the humpback whales swim north to give birth. During these months we have seen up to 100 whales in a day including the calves. When diving we often hear them singing on a dive and we do have some encounters which is amazing. We can take people out on an ocean safari to see the whales and often we do see them breaching. So come have a Whale of a time at Zavora.

Other available activities and services

Light House Walk

This is a lovely walk to do late afternoon or early morning, the photos you get are amazing and the view is spectacular, take water and a hat with.

Cultural Tour

Take a walk to the school and back, see some interesting things on the way, look around the market, stop on the way back for a tipo tinto or 2m and local meal and snacks.


Local Cooking Lessons

Join a local cooking class from start to finish, wear a capulana and learn to cook a local meal. It is very healthy and interesting. Local is Lekka.

Giving back to the community

At Zavora Lodge we appeal to the community to get involved in local outreach programmes such as  ‘Doctors for Life’.  Mozambique has a shortage of doctors and therefore appeal to the community for help to treat the community.  Any donations are welcome in the form of old spectacles or any other possible medical supplies.  View the latest outreach in Inhambane, Mozambque.


Zavora Fishing Charters

Go on an unforgettable fishing adventure. Come out with us and experience a day on the water like never before. Whether you’re interesting in deep sea fishing or spear fishing, we have just the thing for you. Want to end your day on a peaceful note? Go on a sunset lake cruise. Click here to learn more about each of our services.


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