Zavora is recognized to be one of the best fishing and diving areas in Mozambique, excellent for snorkelling.

Diving at Zavora Lodge

Whether you are experiencing the underwater world for the first time or you are an experienced diver, our professional NAUI team of Instructors, dive masters and staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable ensuring your diving at Zavora is safe, relaxing, rewarding and fun.   As a NAUI resort, we offer all NAUI dive courses from beginner to dive master and Instructor Level.

More about the reef

The deep reef system, that is around 9-11 kilometers off shore, consists of a large plateau ranging from 27 – 34 meters with sandy bottom and multiple unspoiled soft coral gardens and deep cleaning stations.  Abundance of pelagic fish, large schools of Yellow Fin Tuna, Trevallies, Barracudas, all kind or rays and sharks and huge Brindle Bases are common to see here. And of course, lots of Nudibranchs and Spanish Dancers.

View Zavora Reef List
  • Area 51 (6m to 24m)
  • Atlantis (8m to 24m)
  • The Great Wall North (17m – 27m)
  • The Great Wall South (14m – 24m)
  • La Cuesta (16m – 24m)
  • Witch’s Hat (12m – 24m)
  • Vascos (12m – 24m)
  • Sponge City (17m – 24m)
  • Macanza (6m – 24m)
  • Tentacao (31m – 50m)
  • Rio Sainas Wreck (18m – 35m)
  • Klipfontein Wrech (36m – 53m)
  • Sonho Pfofundo (34m – 46m)
  • Yogis (27m – 40m)
  • Deans (Rogers) ( 27m – 34m)
  • Arcadia (27m – 33m)
  • Deep Reef South (26m – 33m)

Wreck Dives

Zavora has two wrecks – one lying in 53m for technical divers (the Klipfontein) and another, (Rio Sainas) in 32m for recreational divers.  At Zavora Divers we offer both technical and recreational diving.  Klipfontein is a technical dive sitting at 53m and the Rio Sainas is a recreational dive sitting at 18m – 36m.  There are plenty of life on both.
On all dives one may see octopuses, mantis shrimps, scorpion fish, moray eels, crayfish (some of them really huge) and many turtles.  We are lucky to regularly dive with Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill Turtles. Time to time we see a huge endangered Leatherback Turtle. Divers should keep an eye on sharks that are common in our waters.  White tip reef shark, Zambezi Shark, Hammerheads, Bow Mouth Guitar Shark and Whale Shark may be seen here.  We also offer night dives.

Klipfontein Wreck Dive
  • Distance: 6km
  • Travel Time: 15min
  • Max Depth: 53m
  • Suitable for: Advanced Nitrox/Decompression Divers, Technical Divers.

Built in 1937 by P Smuts Jr in Rotterdam, the Klipfontein was a 160 meter long, 10,544 ton cargo and passenger ship.  At the time of her sinking she was part of the Holland Africa line and was en route from Cape Town to Rotterdam via various ports along the way.  On January 8, 1953 she struck an unidentified object off the coast of Zavora and sunk within three hours.  She now lies in 53m of water on a sand bottom 6km off Zavora point.  The stern is largely intact, lying on her starboard side and separated from the rest of the ship.  Most of the hull is inverted or “turned turtle”, lying on her decks, whilst the bow is also broken off and lying on the starboard side.  The wreck comes up to 36m in places and is surrounded by a debris field of fascinating remains, superstructure and artifacts.  Since her sinking she has become a wonderful artificial reef and is covered with whip and bush corals and has a healthy population of fish.

Everything about The Klipfontein is big and highlights of the dive include massive resident Brindle Bass (or Giant Groupers), some the size of a small car, the huge port propeller and the chance to see Mantas flying by or cleaning.  Large schools of pelagic fish such as Travelly, Kob and Barracuda are also often seen in vortexes over the wreck and Zambesi and Spinner Sharks have also been spotted both on the wreck and during the decompression phase in blue water.  This dive is conducted using manifold twinsets and decompression stage cylinders, alternatively the dive can be made on your own rebreather and can be guided on an Inspiration CCR so no bubbles spoil your experience!  This dive is only available for divers with a recognized decompression diving qualification to a minimum of 45m (55m preferred).

Diving Courses

Zavora Lodge offers a variety of diving courses for the whole family.  Come and discover the joy of diving.  Whether you have your own gear or we provide the gear or whether you are a first timer or need a refresher.  Our professional diving instructors can show you the ropes.

View Zavora Diving Courses
  • Discover Scuba
    • Course includes equipment rental and one dive
  • Zavora Bubble Blowers
    • Course includes a pack and 30min pool session (extra pool session available on request)
  • Refresher Course
    • Course excludes equipment and includes one pool session
  • Personal Guide
    • In case there is no time for a refresher course, a personal guide will be available
  • Open Water One
    • Course includes equipment rental, four compulsory dives and crew pack (manual etc)
  • Advanced Course
    • Course includes equipment rental, six dives and a crew pack (manual etc) (excludes night dive)
  • Rescue Course
    • Course includes four dives and a crew pack (basic first aid and CPR)
  • Nitrox Course
    • Course includes two dives, nitrox fills, lextures, manuals, tables and booklets
  • Master Diver Course
    • Course includes eight dives, lectures and pack

Diving General Conditions

  • In the event of the hire equipment getting lost or damaged, the price for repair or replacement will be charged, including lost weights.
  • Refund for dives only if cancelled by dive center.
  • We do our best to have minimal impact on our environment, therefore we are strict with no touching of reefs, corals and animals.
  • Be neutrally buoyant and be aware of where your fins are.
  • If not complying we reserve the right to abort a dive.
  • No decompression diving.  No less than two minutes to do no deco.
  • Safety first and therefore we make use of a deploy buoy.


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